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SEGO 100% Real Remy Human Hair Extensions Thick Micro Loop with Invisible Band Hair Micro Ring Beads Hair Black/Blonde Cleanrance

SEGO 100% Real Remy Human Hair Extensions Thick Micro Loop with Invisible Band Hair Micro Ring Beads Hair Black/Blonde Cleanrance

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Micro loop ring hair extensions are made of 100% real premium human hair. No mixed animal or synthetic hair. No tangle. No shedding. feel silky and soft. Can be straightened. curled. washed. and restyled as you like A more covert. and virtually undetectable hair extensions. The micro ring is much smaller in size. it makes hair look more seamless and natural. No heat. no glue. virtually harmless to your own scalp. and can be reused Natural and durable cold fusion tipped hair: The microbeads are in small size. making the hair extensions more undetectable. and looks like the hair growing from your scalp A micro loop extension is applied to a similar-sized piece of your own hair around 1 cm away from the scalp 100 pieces with each piece weighing 0.5 g are included in our micro ring hair extensions which are designed to give you reasonable highlights and cover your entire head with 2-4 packs Please attention: If you have very short hair. it will be harder to make the extensions invisible. If you want longer or fuller hair for a short period of time. this is a very time-consuming process Product Details: Material: Human hair Net weight: 50g (1 pack). 100g (2 pack) Quantity: 0.5g/1 strands. 50g=100 strands. 100g=200 strands How to Install Micro Loop Hair Extensions? It takes an average of 2-3 hours. much like a regular sew-in Wash and dry your hair completely before starting Section off your hair about an inch from the nape of your neck Take a strand of your own hair. place it through the loop. and pull the bottom of the loop which lies under the bead Clamp the rings shut tight enough with pliers to avoid them sliding out Leave another finger width between each extension. Repeat steps 1-5 until finished Hair Care: You can use warm or cold water Use shampoo (Profix Olive Oil shampoo for braids) and brush carefully Apply conditioner Rinse the facial cleanser thoroughly and use your styling gel or wet-look spray (Profix olive oil braids spray) if desired After washing. carefully brush the hair from the bottom to the top. with downward movements until all the hair is combed through Never start above or in the middle. which could harm the hair and cause hair-splitting Only cold blow dry to avoid drying out the hair Do not sleep on wet hair

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