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Yosoo Neoprene Adjustable Elbow Brace Wrap Arm Support Strap Band

Yosoo Neoprene Adjustable Elbow Brace Wrap Arm Support Strap Band

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This elbow support is optimal for weak. tired or strained elbow.Made of breathable vented neoprene fabrics.  Features:  1.Adjustable Elbow Support  2.Designed to help protect and support sore. weak or injured elbows.  3.Keeps the elbow stable.Extended coverage for additional support and stability  4.Adjustable straps for a custom fit  5.Slip-on design for easy application  6.Breathable fabric.  7.Maigc stick for an easy wearing  7.Fits left or right.  8.The contour design prevents bunching. slippage and discomfort. ensuring a proper fit.  9.Size: 42CM x16CM(LxW)  Quantity:1Pc  Who should use:  People who suffer from various kinds of elbow joint inflammation or discomfort.  People whose elbow vulnerable to injury. such as people who like do sports and who have large much daily exercise.  People who are more sensitive to hot and cold change especially the elderly people.  People with physical deficiency and need daily warm (elder people. physical weakness groups).  Directions:  Always consult a Doctor for diagnosis.  Make the Elbow brace close to the body and fix the strap to the elbow area need therapy.  Appropriately adjust the tightness. snap the stick straps.  Place in a dry and ventilated place. avoid moisture.  pull the top of the hand back towards the elbow.  Hand wash with a mild detergent & air dry.

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